Project Management Experience over 10 Years

Site Planning

Prior to commencing any major work or refurbishments, we ensure we have correct Site Plans and Site Teams deployed for the project.
This includes all parts of administration, supply chain, safety at the project site, storage of equipment and correct execution.
It is paramount to ensure correct procedures are followed in accordance with policies related to the project, and it is something we place importance on for the safety of our workers and the quality of your project.

Quality Control

Our reputation for creating quality design and build is based on our exceptional attention to detail and focus on quality control.
Prior to beginning work, a Quality Control Plan of all materials, staff, configurations and related functionality is created with our partners.
Without an effective Quality Control Plan, builds can quickly become problematic – our Site Teams and Engineers work together to ensure all Quality Control Procedures from Regal are adhered to.
This means that our customers expectations are met and exceeded at every build we undertake.



Our supply chain and logistics department is crucial to the success of our projects.
Our team ensures timely delivery of materials and manpower as well as ensuring effective management of freight between projects. 
Our planning team works with our logistics department to ensure all areas of the build are equipped fully throughout the design phase.
This means our customers always have all materials exactly as expected – on time.

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